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Duvaina Kyerlinn
My Internet connection goes crazy whenever I access dA and I can't use the site. It's been like that for the last 2 years.

Print preference: 8x12"+, lustre. I love mugs and mousepads!
Favourite genre of music: rock, rock & roll, progressive rock, altern rock, neo classic.

Master's Thesis + DMC update

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 25, 2010, 9:26 AM
Real life

Hmm... I'm really bad at writing dA journals, ain't I? I kinda forgot (*facepalm*) to let you all know that I graduated. :XD: 3 weeks ago. Uhm. I have Master's degree in Computer Science, Web Technologies. :D

So now I'm not a student anymore and I have no idea what to do next :ohnoes:

I was planning an optical surgery, but during medical examination this weekend it turned out that it's going to be complicated :/ I don't really want to meddle when success ratio is not as high as it should be... So maybe I'll try less invasive methods for now.

Obviously I don't have a job :P Gotta find something soon, now that I sort of know that the surgery is scratched off... though it also depends on the results I'll get in a month _-_ and I'm stuck again. It's scary. >_>

To top it, I'm down with a cold. Or something.

Devil May Cry

Did you hear that NT is hinting that their abysmal flop DmC is a real prequel to DMC? Yeah right. These guys really hate Devil May Cry. Now they not only want to destroy the future of the franchise, they want to kill existing storyline too. :chainsaw: It's literally the worst thing Capcom/NT can do. Worse than complete reboot. F U.

Btw. I watched Enslaved playthrough - I wanted to see their "superior storytelling". Uhh... Was that supposed to be great? Enslaved story is nothing special. Their storytelling is good, but wouldn't work for a Devil May Cry game. The story itself is straightforward, with some totally cliche elements, and the ending is lifted straight from a certain 1999 movie. The only impressive things from what I've seen are voice acting and facial expressions.
On the other hand, Enslaved sucks from technical side. I've heard a person say it looks like it wasn't even tested - I didn't believe it at first, but it's really that bad. Screen tearing (PS3), texture pop-in, skipping frames. NT must have no pride as developers to release so badly coded thing! I mean, our university lecturers were turning our programming assignments down for such obvious performance issues...

Now I have no hope for this game even as a standalone. It's gonna suck 99% (the 1% is voice acting :P). A complete f*cking disaster.

Design and coding by Dhuaine.
All images from Brushes by Illyera.
  • Listening to: DMC4 OST, Swipe of Sword
  • Reading: Agatha Christie, Thirteen Mysteries



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Hello dear! I really miss you and your wonderful artworks! I hope you'll come back! :hug: :heart:
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Hey how have you been? I haven't seen any of your
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GOD bless
John 3:16
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